MS3D awards

DUSSELDORF – April 2012 : MS3D received the award for innovation in manufacturing by the NOAE jury (Network of Automotive Excellence).

Companies selected to receive this distinction has gathered in Düsseldorf under the Auspices of the State secretary of the German Land of Rheinland-Westfalen.
“To be the prize winner for in line measurement systems in Germany from a jury comprising all major German companies involved in car and aerospace manufacturing and in Engineering is quite an achievement. We have to keep in mind that in matter of measurement technics, Germany dominates the world. British people would say that it’s like “Carrying coals to Newcastle” said Marc Rosenbaum , MS3D president upon reception of his award MS3D even before reception of its award has already been in discussion with some major German corporation to develop in line measurement systems for various applications in the field of Car engine and Transmission systems.

“Being a NOAE laureate is most welcome as it will increase our very innovative and effective solutions to enable our customers to reach the zero defect level in manufacturing of complex parts with a very sizable impact on productivity increase” adds Marc Rosenbaum.

PARIS- January 2013 :
MS3D received the HEC Mercure Award  ( Haute Ecole de Commerce)

Wednesday February the 23rd, at the Paris Chamber of Commerce, has MS3D received from the hands of Jean-Frédéric DE LEUSSE president of UBS, the prestigious “HEC Mercure” Trophy from the leading French Business school HEC, awarded as a token of its outstanding technical achievements, since its grounding in 2010.

Marc Rosenbaum President of the company address was to thank the collective work: “ I wish to thank the jury for their appreciation of our work, but I’d like above all to thank my associate Didier Le Néel, with whom stays the huge burden to implement in deliverable machines our disruptive technology… in our present world of innovation so much devoted to consumer electronics apps and entertainment, I am particularly proud that our technology is aimed at improving performances, quality and productivity of the manufacturing industry, which remains the pivot of all sound and growing economies…

RENNES February 2014 : MS3D won the OSCAR 2014 in the caegory ” Sciences and Technologies”

MS3D was nominated and won the OSCAR 2014 in France in the category ” Sciences and Technologies”.
Perfection is the domain MS3D. Our target is the “Zero Defect”: Our machines track the smallest defects on parts manufactured by the most advanced industries. The company was created in 2010. The idea is to supply manufacturers from the automotive, defense, aerospace, oil and gaz and medical industries, inspection of 100% of production with micron accuracy.” Inspecting the Infinitely small can generate enormous savings; this is the” butterfly effect” in the industrial version…