When Zero defect is a “must”, MS3D is your partner.

MS3D offer: 3D non-contact in-line inspection for manufacturing industry based on a worldwide unique breakthrough technology.

MS3D disruptive digital technology promises zero-defect manufacturing by inspecting in real time 100 % of the production thus allowing correction of Process parameters in real time.

MS3D digital technology is the only one capable of verifying at high speed, complex shapes dimensional conformity of mechanical parts with extreme accuracy directly in the manufacturing line.

MS3D technology is integrated in a mechanical system – a complete machine comprising loading and unloading, part positioning, real time reporting  and automatic elimination of defective parts to ensure that all relevant part areas are measured and that no defective part moves downward in the process.

MS3D systems not only measure automatically without any human intervention all 3D dimensions but check also the complete surface integrity, its characteristics and identify local defects with the highest accuracy found on the market for parts submitted to the toughest manufacturing tolerances.

Our cutomers:

Major blue chip corporations in a very broad spectrum of sectors covering much of the mechanical industry, from the watch industry to Defense, aerospace and automotive such as, DELPHI, VALEO, AREVA, SAFRAN, ST MICROELECTRONICS, SCHNEIDER, METALDYNE, NEXTER… are already benefiting from MS3D zero defect manufacturing guarantee.

Technical benefits:

Total Quality insurance through real time in line inspection of 100% of complex parts and immediate feedback to correct manufacturing drift in a timely fashion.

Cost benefits:

A reduction of the cost of ownership by a factor of 15 compared to manual inspection and of 3 relative to CMM inspection
A ROI of less than 1 month (best case) as compared to manual inspection
A ROI of less than 4 months (best case) relative to CMM inspection