Nuclear – Defense

The nuclear and defence industries also represent an area of growth for MS3D. This involves inspecting very complex parts having very strict requirements for safety, which accounts for their very tight manufacturing tolerances. Certain industry-specific parts, such as mounting stud boreholes for nuclear power plants, or medium-calibre gun barrels, require the kind of highly specialised […]


The automotive industry generates a strong demand for MS3D. The company specialises in inspecting and verifying the dimensional conformity of mechanical parts found mainly in the POWERTRAIN: motor, transmission, gearbox, exhaust system and drivetrain.   3D conformity inspections will systematically focus on: • 3D geometry • Shape and defects in shape • Surface defects   […]


Aeronautics is also an important industry for MS3D. Due to the company’s ability to offer high-precision conformity inspections directly on the factory floor, MS3D can produce high value-added parts.   The inspections mainly focus on: – 3D geometry – Shape and defects in shape   Among the parts most generally inspected: – Turbine blades – […]