3D Inspection of rollers: ROLLERINSPECTION


RollerINSPECTION is the line of MS3D machines used to inspect rollers. These machines come in two versions:

– One that automatically detects surface defects up to 0.5 microns in depth.

– One that verifies the conformity of geometric shapes in 3D.


Dimensions and Shapes:

Draft angle – Cylindricity – Diameter – Circularity – Length – Parallelism – Bend radius – Location of surface defects, etc.

Typical parts inspected:
Cylindrical, tapered and spherical rollers




description of the machine

Non-contact sensors Confocal chromatic coding
Rotation table Yes
Parts loading Manual
With robot / convoyer / palette
Autonomous work position Yes
Dimensions ( mm) 2000 x 800 x 800
Weight 900 Kg
GUI Standard et paramétrable
Measurable references Unlimited

measures and acquisitions

Data points/ measurement > 10 000 data points (dimensionnal)> 100 000 data points (Aspect defects)
Data acquisition time from 1 to 3 seconds  ( dimensionnal)5 to 20 seconds ( Aspect defects)
Computation time Hidden time (from 0.1 à 30 seconds)
Handling time <  4 seconds

dimensional and shapeAccuracy: 0,2 to 1 micron (1σ)

Diameter Chamfer
Circularity Lack of raw materials
Cylindricity Scratches
Radius Runout
Relief angle Ovality
Height Barrel- Diabolo shape
Conicity Perpendicularity