Internal 3D inspection: BOREINSPECTION


BoreINSPECTION is the line of non-contact 3D inspection machines designed to measure internal geometries. These machines are used to perform inspections directly on or alongside the production line for all types of internal blind and/or through hole shapes that have been tapped, bored, drilled etc., with a measurement uncertainty of 1 µm (1σ).

Dimensions and Shapes:

Diameter – Cylindricity – Coaxiality – Circularity – Concentricity – Tapering – Depth – Default location – Shoulders – Scratches – Missing material – Presence of chips and shavings – Thread root – Thread crest – Measurement over pins – Flattened threads – Double threading

Typical parts inspected:

M4 to M300 threads, cylinder blocks, internal splines, tubes and pipes, injector bodies, etc.

specifications datasheet

Download the PDF brochure :

description of the machine

Non-contact sensors Confocal chromatic coding
Rotation table Yes, parts or sensors
Parts loading Manual
With robot / convoyer / palette
Autonomous work position Yes
Dimensions ( mm) 1000 x 1000 x 2000
Weight 900 Kg
GUI Standard and configurable
Measurable references Unlimited

measures and acquisitions

Data points/ measurement > 4 million data points
Data acquisition time 2 to 10 seconds ( depend on accuracy, surface aspect of the part)
Computation time 1 second ( Hidden time)
Handling time < 1 seconds

dimensional and shapeAccuracy: 0,2 to 1 micron (1σ)

Diameter Cylindricity
Coaxiality Circularity
Coaxiality Concentricity
Depth Conicity
Threading height Perpendicularity
Scratches Chamfer
Locating Damaged threads


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