MS3D has delivered a new innovative system to inspect assembly of vehicle rear axle to Renault for its plant in Bursa (Turkey).

Meunier core business is developing and installing innovative and automated assembly and conveying systems for the Powertrain, Car body, Final assembly and components assembly.Thanks to this partnership Meunier SA is strengthening its leader position with its customers, Renault, PSA and Michelin.

The first system delivered allows inspecting  rear axle assembly at high speed with very high accuracy and above all flexibility.Because it deals with formed sheet metal parts highly subject to deformation during the various assembly and welding operations, subsequent operations need to be accurately taking in account part significant geometry variations.MS3D inspection systems guarantees that further actions on the axle, such as welding of fixation panels will be properly and accurately done whatever the variation of geometry of the axle.

Contrarily to competition MS3D inspection systems accept any kind of modifications of design of the assembly without any significant set up change, thus generating huge savings, by avoiding scrapping complete obsolete systems(even with minor modification) especially at the products launch phase or when models change.

Thanks to its saving generation, those inspection systems integrated in Meunier SA assembly benches are planned to be installed in several other Renault plants in 2018.